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LDA was part of the former of Learning House for Development (LHD) or Lao NPA Network, operating and implementing activities since September 2010. In early 2015 LHD was restructured as two different organisations: Learning for Development Association (LDA) and the Lao CSO Network (LCN), in part due to different opinions concerning roles, responsibilities and missions of each organisation.

LDA focuses on capacity development for Lao CSOs, facilitating training/workshop and coaching activities, participating in meetings/workshops with government agencies (MOHA, MOFA, etc.), attending CSOs events locally and overseas.

LDA is a non-political, non-profit and non-religious association. LDA's activities are open to all Lao CSOs working in all development sectors, whether registered or unregistered. It provides a friendly and supportive environment for CSOs to develop their capabilities, and share experience and information.

With extended experience in working with NPAs, LDA has a sound understanding of capacity development needs and can provide quality services to both organisations and staff working on development issues. LDA focuses efforts on capability development for CSO staff and partnerships with NPAs, so as to strengthen their ability to form and implement their own plans more effectively, and through this contribute to positive changes in beneficiaries living conditions in partner communities.

2. Institutional purpose

2.1 Overall Goal of LDA

To support and create a strong and capable Civil Society that effectively contributes to the inclusive and sustainable Lao social-economic development

2.2 Institutional Objectives

1)      To upgrade the skills of CSO staff capacities to enable implementation of efficient development projects in their target communities.

2)      To create opportunities for Lao civil society to enhance mutual coordination, and sharing of information on capacity development

3)      To strengthen the internal organisation of LDA

3. Target Beneficiaries:

  • Lao civil society groups
    • Enhanced  learning processes, in order to deliver quality services to communities, which will increase the impact of Lao civil society in the development of the country
    • Foster evolving civil society initiatives (which will focus on soft skills development for young NPAs)
    • Facilitates issue-based partnerships and joint action 



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